Brazilian Bikini Swimwear

Brazilian bikini swimwear is gaining in popularity among beachgoers, and it’s easy to see why. These suits offer the best of both worlds – they’re sexy, but they cover enough skin so that they don’t raise any red flags among the more conservative. Debates rage all over the world as to exactly what Brazilian means when it comes to bikinis. The term is loosely defined at best, so it’s hard to say when the first one of these sexy bikinis first showed up on the beaches of South America.

In fact, since the term first came along, it’s not even requisite that these bikinis be made in Brazil anymore. They are made all over the world, in a dizzying variety of pattern, color, and cut. Prices run the gamut too, with more expensive suits generally holding up better than bargain suits.

Arguably the best thing about Brazilian suits is that you can mix and match the tops and bottoms to create unique looks that perfectly express your personality and style. You might go with a bandeau top and pucker back bottom, or a classic triangle top with g-string bottom. The choices are limitless, which continues to make the Brazilian a great choice for bikini lovers.