Brazilian Bikini Wax

So you’ve dieted, exercised, and now you’re looking fabulous at the start of the bikini season. Congratulations! However, it might be a good idea to remove the foliage down below if you really want to look your best. The Brazilian bikini wax could be just what the doctor ordered, but there are some things you should know about it. We are talking about waxing your genitals here, so last-minute surprises aren’t usually a great thing.

First, you’ll want to make sure your pubic hair is long enough. Lots of women will try to trim excess pubic hair before going in for a wax, which will actually work against them. The technician at the salon will need at least a quarter of an inch hair for the wax to grab onto, half an inch if the hair is very coarse.

You’ll want to shower before visiting the salon. Of course, you could go in right after a sweaty workout, but let’s have some courtesy for the technician shall we? Remember, they’re holding the hot wax, and they can be gentle, or not!

There are lots of different types of wax used for hair removal, but they all work in basically the same way. They’ll start by spreading the hot wax on your genital area. Then they will apply a strip (usually made of cotton) on top of the still-warm wax. As the wax cools, it binds to both your hairs and the strip on top. When the wax is completely cool, the technician rips off the strip, removing the wax, and hopefully, all of your genital hair.

Many times a small “landing strip” will be left, but you can request that all hair be removed. Some salons even offer services to put designs into your remaining pubic hair. Alternately, they can dye it just like with the hair on your head. After the waxing, soothing lotion will be applied, a practice which you should replicate at home to help with any irritation. The effects of a Brazilian waxing last anywhere from three to six weeks. The first time is always the toughest, subsequent visits involve less pain.